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Titlesort descendingDescriptionTypeClosing Date & TimeActions
Apollo houseShould court allow residents of Apollo house stayPublicNot setView Vote Voter Profile Results Analysis
EntscheidungsfindungArtenPublic10/04/2017 01:54:21View Voting Closed Voter Profile Results Analysis
FH PotsdamVote1Public10/04/2017 13:17:56View Voting Closed Voter Profile Results Analysis
Flags on Belfast City HallWhich flags, if any, should be flown on Belfast City Council?PublicNot setView Vote Voter Profile Results Analysis
GroesseWahl2Public10/04/2017 13:48:48View Voting Closed Voter Profile Results Analysis
Groesse2Wahl3Public10/04/2017 01:55:06View Voting Closed Voter Profile Results Analysis
HeightAverage heightPublicNot setView Vote Voter Profile Results Analysis
Nice PlaceTell me what place we would like to visit.PublicNot setView Vote Voter Profile Results Analysis
ParteikampfWahl5Public10/04/2017 01:25:09View Voting Closed Voter Profile Results Analysis
TED heightThe average heightPublic20/10/2018 15:20:00View Vote Voter Profile Results Analysis
TestTestPublic04/01/2019 03:38:14View Vote Voter Profile Results Analysis
Wahlsystem und ParteistrukturWahl4Public10/04/2017 13:54:20View Voting Closed Voter Profile Results Analysis

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